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The Result of not Getting Genuine Microsoft Software

Guys, will you help me out as from where to Purchase Microsoft Softwares. I had a Microsoft Software installed four months back, but I was duped. This I came to know now. All the data that has been entered during these four months are all gone. I am in such a mess as I don’t have any copy of the same. I was all because of the pirated Microsoft Product that was installed. I bought the same from a reseller from the local market, and who knew that I would be cheated like this!!

I always prefer Microsoft Products and I always ask all my friends and relatives to only Purchase Microsoft Software. This is because Microsoft Software is the only software that you can rely for all your business application, entertainment and study needs. Security is another factor, the reason why I stick to Microsoft Software. I have seen many companies that have installed servers that carry the Microsoft Software tag.

Moreover, it is so easy to work with Microsoft Softwares. With upgraded features from time to time and user friendly applications, it is also time saving. I have created so many attractive presentations in so less the time, all for my research project. Unfortunately all these are gone. Please guide me from where I can buy Microsoft Software and that too a Genuine Microsoft Software. One of my friends advised me to Purchase Microsoft Software from Is it the right platform?


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